EB-NC Financial Management Network Webinar - June 08, 2024

When:  Jun 8, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM (PT)

A continuing education (CPE) event for accounting and finance professionals. The program allows you to earn four hours of CPE credit, keep up-to-date on accounting and finance issues and network with other professionals.

These CPE Sessions are conducted under the IMA's Global Core Values and IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. Adherence to these statements are required to participate in this event.

The new link for the East Bay - Northern California FMN Session is:

Here are the June 2024 topics:

The Fundamentals of WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital 
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge 
The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) metric is essential for evaluating investment opportunities and determining the cost of financing, serving as a benchmark to optimize capital allocation decisions and maximize shareholder value. It is a vital tool for companies to make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth and enhance shareholder value in today's competitive business environment. Jason Tuzinkewich, COO of Blue Sky Business Resources, joins this segment to discuss the concept of WACC, how it is calculated, factors used in further adjusting WACC, as well as some limitations of its use.

Navigating ESG Fraud Risk in Corporate Governance 
Field of Study: Auditing 
Conducting a comprehensive ESG fraud risk assessment to identify and prioritize potential risks should be part of an organization's existing enterprise-wide risk management. This may involve developing and documenting policies and procedures, ensuring data accuracy and completeness, and establishing accountability for ESG reporting. Durran Dunn, Managing Director in Grant Thornton LLP’s Risk, Compliance, and Controls practice, teaches us how to implement strategic enterprise ESG risk assessments and offers guidance on operational policies, processes and controls to help companies operate responsibly and sustainably.

Mastering E-Invoices: VAT Implications and Latest 1099-K Mandates 
Field of Study: Taxes 
Tax compliance is a complex and ever-changing landscape driven by governmental policy changes. One of the most widely recognized taxes, value-added tax or VAT, is a consumption tax levied on goods and services at each stage of the supply chain where value is added. Over the past few years, e-invoicing has helped to both simplify and increase the efficiency of the VAT process. Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations for Avalara, Inc., joins this segment to discuss both VAT and e-invoicing. Scott also discusses the new Form 1099-K requirements, the Multistate Tax Commission, and tax nexus considerations. 

Unlocking Strategic Insights: Finance’s Role in Shaping Firm Strategy 
Field of Study: Business Management & Organization 
It is crucial for the finance function to have input on strategy for the company as it ensures alignment between financial goals, resource allocation, and overarching strategic objectives, ultimately guiding sound decision-making and fostering long-term success. Ted Delgado, Finance Vice President and Controller for the McLane Company, discusses the unique aspects of finance leadership and how the finance team can create value. He emphasizes the importance of finance in connecting the dots between strategy, process, and systems, as well as understanding and managing risk.

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