Financial Management Network Webinar

When:  Jul 13, 2024 from 08:55 AM to 01:00 PM (PT)

You are invited to attend a continuing education (CPE) event for accounting and finance professionals. The program allows you to earn four hours of CPE credit, keep up-to-date on accounting and finance issues and network with other professionals.

These CPE Sessions are conducted under the IMA's Global Core Values and IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. Adherence to these statements are required to participate in this event.

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Here are the July 2024 topics:

09:00 AM
Critical Role of Audit Evidence: Navigating SAS 142 & PCAOB 1105

Field of Study: Auditing
FASB’s SAS 142 and PCAOB’s AS 1105 require auditors to think critically about the evidence they gather. Marty Van Wagoner, Audit Partner at Mountainside Accounting & Consulting, explains how these standards address the evolving nature of business transactions, the use of emerging technologies, and the expanding use of external information sources. He emphasizes the importance of evaluating the relevance and reliability of audit evidence, discusses the need for heightened professional skepticism, and highlights the importance of critical thinking for successful, effective audits.

10:00 AM
Illuminating Government Accountability: Financial Data Transparency Act
Field of Study: Accounting - Governmental
The Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA) marks a pivotal step towards greater accountability and efficiency in government finances. For state and local governments, this means a significant shift towards clearer reporting practices and enhanced accessibility of financial information. Joel Black, Chairman of the GASB, and Phil Marciano, Partner at Citrin Cooperman, discuss the FTDA and its implications for state and local governments. They address concerns from stakeholders, including the impact on financial reporting, the role of auditors, and the potential benefits of machine-readable financial information.

11:00 AM
Upholding Integrity: How AICPA SSTS Guide Ethical Tax Practice
Field of Study: Regulatory Ethics
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has established the Statements on Standards for Tax Services (SSTS) to uphold ethical and professional standards in the tax practice, which include robust measures for protecting client data and privacy. Frank Sands, Founding Partner at Sands Gililland & Company, an AICPA Governing Council member and one of Accounting Today’s 2003 top professionals, joins us to examine how the SSTS impact our professional responsibilities as accountants and tax consultants.

12:15 PM
Stablecoins: Bridging Traditional Finance & Cryptocurrencies
Field of Study: Accounting
Stablecoins play a significant and multifaceted role within financial markets, offering benefits and functionalities that enhance the efficiency, stability, and accessibility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and traditional financial systems. Navigating this emerging market along with its inherent risks and regulations presents myriad challenges for today’s finance professional. Steve Maex, Assistant Professor of Accounting at George Mason University’s Costello School of Business, and Stefan Slavov, Assistant Professor of Accounting at San Diego State University, guide us through an analysis of stablecoin and its evolving role in today’s economy.

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