EB-NC Financial Management Network Webinar - February 10, 2024

When:  Feb 10, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM (PT)

A continuing education (CPE) event for accounting and finance professionals. The program allows you to earn four hours of CPE credit, keep up-to-date on accounting and finance issues and network with other professionals.

These CPE Sessions are conducted under the IMA's Global Core Values and IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. Adherence to these statements are required to participate in this event.

The new link for the East Bay - Northern California FMN Session is:

Here are the February 2024 topics: 
The DCF Model: Leveraging Assumptions to Inform Business Valuation
Field of Study: Finance
Discounted cash flow, or DCF, is an analysis method used to value an investment by discounting the estimated future cash flows. DCF analysis can be applied to value a business for an exit, acquisition, recapitalization, capital raise, and many other assets or activities, and thus is widely used in both the investment industry and corporate finance management. Jason Tuzinkewich, COO of Blue Sky Business Resources, joins this segment to provide additional background on DCF analysis, discuss the three categories of business valuation, detail how to arrive at a discount rate or risk profile, as well as walkthrough a comprehensive case study.

Protecting Profits through Supply Chain Cost Excellence
Field of Study: Production
Cost and pricing excellence incorporates streamlining processes and improving operations to maximize profit. Organizations employing cost excellence strategies can reduce supply chain challenges by eliminating waste and improving quality - all while delivering high-quality products and services to their customers. Casey Chapman, principal and management consulting leader in the Operations and Supply Chain practice at RSM, guides us through best practices in managing costs to inform strategic decisions and leveraging supply chain planning tools to optimize inventory and synchronize supply and demand.

Capitalizing on Opportunities in Financial Services for Women
Field of Study: Finance
According to the Abacus Wealth Partners, $14 trillion of American personal wealth is controlled by women. However, evidence shows that financial advisors often default toward men’s needs and preferences, underserving women’s finance needs. Lara Lamb, a financial advisor with Abacus Wealth Partners, focuses her expertise on purpose-driven and values-centric financial services for women and holds a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) designation. She offers her insights on tapping into the vast opportunity in the women’s financial services market.

Successfully Navigating Increased IRS Scrutiny of Compensation
Field of Study: Taxes
Closely held corporations and tax-exempt charitable nonprofits, like all other employers, are required to comply with IRS regulations requiring compensation to be "reasonable" and not "excessive," thus, financial advisors would be well served to advise their clients to expect IRS scrutiny of compensation. Stephen Kirkland, an expert on reasonable compensation amounts for business owners, executives, professionals, trustees, and directors, navigates us through tax considerations and best practices in this area for compensation consultants and closely  held or non-profit organizations.

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