April Financial Management Network

When:  Apr 14, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PT)
You are invited to attend a continuing education (CPE) event for accounting and finance professionals.  The program allows you to earn four hours (4.0) of CPE credit, keep up-to-date on accounting and finance issues and network with other professionals.

Are You Ready for GDPR Compliance?
Field of Study: Management Services
An immense volume of personal data is proliferating and flowing throughout the world. On the one hand, this information is an incredibly valuable asset to many enterprises. On the other hand, increased data protection and privacy laws are steadily regulating the collection and the use of data. Michelle Wilcox DeBarge, a partner at Wiggin and Dana LLP, cautions many businesses that they might be subject to compliance requirements, as well as potentially large fines, when the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018.

The Controllers' Roundtable: Your Challenges Today
Field of Study: Accounting
After a decade of finance transformation, the role of the financial professional is still being redefined. As a result, today's financial managers are expected to play a number of diverse and challenging roles within their organization. Our cameras were on-hand at the FEI's Current Financial Reporting Issues conference, as the chief accounting officers of two large global enterprises reflected on the pressing challenges that they, their organizations and their professions are - and will be - facing.

What You Need to Tell the SEC about Your Cybersecurity
Field of Study: Management Services
As enterprises steadily rely on digital technologies to conduct their operations, financial executives are increasingly aware that the more frequent and more severe cyber incidents pose a growing risk to their organization. According to Peter Vogel of Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, new guidance from the Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies to be more forthcoming in disclosing cybersecurity risks, even before a breach occurs - as well as to be more vigilant in guarding against insider trading after an attack happens.

FASB's Conceptual Framework: Why You Should Be Concerned
Field of Study: Accounting
Many financial managers believe that the Financial Accounting Standards Board's conceptual framework of accounting principles does not have a direct impact on their work, because it is simply a type of internal guide that the Board uses to develop its guidance. Our cameras were on hand at the Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Lecture in Accounting at Baruch College, where FASB board member Christine Botosan emphasizes how the conceptual framework establishes those concepts that underlie financial reporting.


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